About Us

ENR POLİMER started its activities in 2015 to produce Teflon-P.T.F.E, with its 35 years of experience. Since its inception, it has been manufacturing by world-class and has become a solution partner in the production and supply of Teflon-P.T.F.E to its domestic and foreign customers. 

With its automatic pressing system, extrusion, ram extrusion, and using quality raw materials, ENR POLİMER has become one of the most successful companies in its sector in a short time. In line with the increasing demands in the sector, it has enlarged its CNC lathe and lathe processing shop, processes with micron precision semi-finished P.T.F.E products (Teflon PTFE Rod, Teflon PTFE Tube, Teflon PTFE Sheet, Ball Valve Seals, Machining and other engineering plastics), which has been manufactured and delivers them to the end-user. 

To be the best company in Teflon - P.T.F.E sector, ENR POLİMER has always adopted the principles of high-quality service, using high-quality raw materials, fast manufacturing, and timely delivery and is taking firm steps forward in Teflon - P.T.F.E sector.


In Teflon - P.T.F.E industry, in Turkey, being the best, the most wanted and industry-leading company, by using current technologies,

Continuing to expand steadily with the working principles of creative service beyond expectations and customer satisfaction oriented.

Growing by adding value to the sector with our reliable teams that are powered by our innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

In order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our company in the national / international market, leading to the industry by constantly improving our methods in our field

Increase our service quality and contributing to its development by following the highest level applications.

Ensuring customer loyalty by establishing an emotional connection with strong communication and increasing our target audience.