Teflon Tube | P.T.F.E

TEFLON TUBE | P.T.F.E shows high resistance to many chemicals.

TEFLON TUBE | P.T.F.E has extremely good electrical properties and is widely used in food-related areas.

It is produced by adding various filling materials to increase the electrical resistivity and resistance in places that will work under load.

TEFLON TUBE | P.T.F.E is a product suitable for use between -260°C and + 270°C.

It varies in color according to P.T.F.E additive.

It is manufactured pure, with carbon, with bronze, with fiberglass, with graphite and with molybdenum sulfur, as additive.


SOLID TUBE: Ø70 mm to Ø425 LENGHT:100mm – 300 mm

HOLLOW TUBE: External diameter Ø80 to Ø500, internal diameter Ø70 to Ø450mm LENGHT:100mm – 300mm


TEFLON TUBE | P.T.F.E has a wide usage area in many sectors such as Textile, Automotive, Heavy industry, Machine Parts Manufacturing, Petrochemical Plants, and Glass Industry.

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Teflon Takoz | P.T.F.E
Teflon Takoz | P.T.F.E